My philosophy of teaching entails teachers providing the road map and roadside assistance, while the student travels the road of learning. Students learn through doing and experiencing, but must also have understanding of what they are doing and why.

In the computing field, the how-to changes from software program to software program and from version to version, so it is imperative that students understand the concepts so they will be able to apply these concepts to new programs or versions. Student must also learn how to find new information and be able to upgrade their skills. My motto is Always Seek Knowledge (ASK). The way to seek knowledge is to ask questions. I encourage my students to ask questions in class or via email.

Individual Responsibility

Students should take responsibilty for their own leanring experiences. Reading assignments will assist with understanding as will listening to lectures. Completing exercises helps students learn the software which in turn will helps in completing the projects. Each student is responsible for completing the exercises and assignments and turning them in by due dates.


Always Seek Knowledge - Ask questions! If you are unsure of the requirements, ASK. If you don't understand something - ASK. If you need help - ASK. Don't bang your head up against the wall; don't get frustrated because when difficulties arise -- ASK for help!

Learning Differences

I have a son who is severely dyslexic and am well aware of learning differences. I am always willing to provide accomodations to students who need assistance with learning or who learn through different styles. Please let me know what I can do to assist you.

Windward CC's Disability Statement

If you have a physical, sensory, health, cognitive, or mental health disability that could limit your ability to fully participate in this class, you are encouraged to contact the Disability Specialist Counselor to discuss reasonable accommodations that will help you succeed in this class. Ann Lemke can be reached at 235-7448,, or you may stop by Hale 'Akoakoa 213 for more information.

Something to think about

A video by critical A bit dated, but still worth looking at.