What is Website Design?

Website design is a comprehensive course which covers concepts in web design and hands on training in developing a website's visual appeal.

Course description: Introduces basic principles related to website design including terminology, tools, media, layout principles, and concepts. Topics and tasks include the creation of digital images and media for Web use, the integration of design elements into websites, and the development of skills in industry-standard computer programs.

Course content: This course covers concepts of design, color, and composition, as well as the creation and modification of images. The use of style sheets will be applied to structural elements, with an overall emphasis on design for usability and accessibility. Industry standard software will be utilized.

When and Where

Recommended preparation for course

Needed Computer Skills

Before taking this course students should have completed ICS107 or have instructor consent.

Other skills

Textbook & Software

Online resources will be posted to the course calendar instead of a print textbook. We we also be using Lynda Classroom for some training videos and exercises for part of the semester. Cost will be <$20. More information will be available at the start of the semester.

Students may use any web development software with which they are thoroughly familiar and with which they have access. This course may also be completed utilizing a text editor to write code. I will not be providing instruction in how to use a web development package. I am familiar with Dreamweaver and coding and can answer questions regarding these. Other than those I can not provide support regarding the use of any other software. Coding may be required for some items, so be familiar with the code editor of your program.

Distance Learning Sections

Students who succeed in distance learning classes, set aside time each and every week to work on the course. These students do the lessons before completing the assignments, email questions to the instructor, and do not wait until the due date to work on lessons and assignments. Also check UH email frequently (at least several times a week.)

It is easy to get behind in a distance learning class, if you skip a week. Then it can become overwhelming to get caught up.

If Laulima is down or slow (such as Sunday nights) the lessons, exercises and website project instructions can be accessed directly from my website. I recommend book marking this page:


The instructor of this course LOVES questions. She never thinks that any question is stupid. She thinks that students who ask questions are SMART. Students who ask questions - SUCCEED. So if you think that if you ask questions the teacher will think you are dumb or be upset with your questions, forget those worries. Teachers learn how to improve their courses by students asking questions. So...