Wrapping up

In this course we learned the basics of creating websites. We learned enough to create a small simple website. There is much more to learn about creating websites. Some courses offered at WCC which you might be interested in learning about are:

By completing this course you are 1/3 of the way to earning WCC's Web Support Certificate. To earn the certificate take any two of the above courses.

Course Materials

The field of website development is constantly changing and I am continually updating my material and exercises, you are welcome to take a look through my course materials in the future to see updated information. Access my course website directly at least for the next semester. Also my Vimeo channel Vanessa's Web Coding will be available for a while, and will be updating it and creating more exercises and lessons even after I retire from teaching at WCC.

About the Exam

The final exam is comprehensive (meaning it covers the entire semester). The exam questions mostly are derived from the mini-exams.

The final exam is due on FRIDAY of exam week. If your exam is not submitted by 11:59 PM on that date, your score will be a 0. Late submission will be not be allowed! Do not wait until the last minute to take the exam in case there are technical difficulties, power failures, etc. Don't procrastinate!

Study Guide for Exam