What is Website Development?

Website development is a comprehensive course which covers concepts in web development and hands on training in coding HTML & CSS. Concepts covered include: web development cycle, usability & accessibility, proper coding, ethics and other topics.

Note: If you just want to create a web page and don't care about learning the overall concepts associated with developing web sites, don't take this course! There are plenty of free web site and blogging sites that have predefined templates and wizards where you just drop in your content, which require no knowledge of web site development. Go use them and don't waste your time with this course.

However, if you want to learn how and why of creating web sites from the ground up and create your own layout and visual appeal, then this is the course for you!

Recommended skills for the course

When and Where

For Fall 2017

Recommended preparation for course

Needed Computer Skills

Before taking this course you should be proficient in the following skills:

If you don't have these skills, please drop the course and take ICS100 or ICS101 first.

Other skills

If you don't like to think and you can't apply skills you learned to a new situation, this is not a good course for you to take.

Textbook & Software

Distance Learning Section

Students who succeed in distance learning classes, set aside time each and every week to work on the course. These student, email questions to the instructor, do the lessons before completing the assignments and do not wait until the due date to work on lessons and assignments. Also check UH email frequently (at least several times a week.)

It is easy to get behind in a distance learning class, if you skip a week. Then it can become overwhelming to get caught up. Don't be tempted to start skipping weeks. This course is sequential. For the most part earlier lessons MUST be completed before later lessons.

If Laulima is down or slow the lessons, exercises and website project instructions can be accessed directly from the ICS107 calendar on my website.


The instructor of this course LOVES questions. She never thinks that any question is stupid. She thinks that students who ask questions are SMART. Students who ask questions - SUCCEED. So if you think that if you ask questions that the teacher will think you are dumb or be upset with your questions, forget those worries. Asking questions not only helps you to succeed in class, you also help teachers learn how to improve their courses by students asking questions. So...