POINTS: 50 points

SUMMARY: User testing and evaluation. Site evaluation

After you have completed your Milestone 4, you will be emailed links to three ICS107 student websites to evaluate.

On Laulima in Tasks, assignments & surveys, in Milestone 5 there are 3 parts with evaluation questions. Please complete one part for each website. Part 4 is for me to provide you feedback and your combined score.

The authors of the websites will receive combined anonymous evaluations of their websites.

Points for this assignment

  1. (30 pts) Evaluations demonstrate that you understand website principles and provide appropriate feedback for all three websites.
  2. (20 pts) Points are awarded by a percentage based on the average scores from the evaluations of your site. If I feel someone has graded unfairly, I will drop those scores from your average.

If you do not complete Milestone 4, you may evaluate 3 student sites for Milestone 5, but your score for the second part will be 0. Email me ask for the sites to evaluate.

Note: This assignment normally takes me extra time to complete the grading for this Milestone. Please be patient and don't email me regarding whether your assignment has been graded. When it is graded, I will release the score.