It's always better to NOT waste paper. Try to learn to look at two windows at once on the screen. Exercises are subject to corrections & changes! Please do not rely on a printout of this assignment! Always check the online version for corrections and any links which will not be available in the printout.

There are LINKS on this page that you must click on. Do not email me to ask where the information is. Go back to the website and look at the page online!

POINTS: 56 points

SUMMARY: Make improvements to site: add more pages and CSS

Do not start this assignment until your Milestone 2 has been graded and you have made corrections as specified in Milestone 2 grading.

All exercises between Milestone 2 & Milestone 3 MUST be completed before turning in Milestone 3. Any of those exercises turned in after submitting Milestone 3 will be given a score of 0.


No points will be awarded for pages lacking sufficient content. Content area should have at least 3 paragraphs or one paragraph other media. Content should be enough to justify the page being a separate page versus the information being a part of another page.

Please refrain from uploading large files to the website. If you have video, please use a video server such as Vimeo or YouTube or other such service. Large image files should be appropriately sized BEFORE placing on the website.


Please look at the checklist criteria and check that all your pages meet the criteria!

For those of you printing out this page the words "checklist criteria" is a link - go back to the website and click on the link.

Basic requirements:

  1. Look at the teacher's comments for Milestone 2. Fix any problems that are indicated for template, particularly problems concerning divisions and improper HTML. Be sure to upload all your files. HTML Reference
    1. Learn from the mistakes on your pages and don't make the same mistakes twice. Double points will be deducted for repeating the same errors. Comments on previous milestone may also contain suggestions, those do not need to be fixed unless you want to follow the suggestion.
    2. Making corrections will increase your score for Milestone 2.
  2. (14 pts for each page) Create 2 additional pages. Save the files in the main folder of your ICS107Site. Be sure to use the file names to match the links in your previously created template.
  3. Grading Criteria
    • Pages are created using the template for your site. Save the file with the file name used on the navigation links.
      All web page files must be saved to the top level of your ICS107site folder.
    • Page has sufficient content. Content (previously submitted) is pasted into page and appropriate codes are added to make paragraphs, lists, heading, and any other text structures.
    • Double check all content to make sure it is in a proper structure. Look at the code to be sure paragraphs are defined by separate paragraph codes<p>..</p> and not by line breaks <br>
    • ALL IMAGES, STYLE SHEETS, HTML PAGES MUST BE SAVED WITHIN YOUR MAIN FOLDER!. Images may be saved in a sub-folder of the main folder, but do not save your project files in your exercises folder.
    • A unique title for each page,(title is the HTML code title and not a heading, though the first heading and the title can contain the same words. The tile should also include your site name.
      • For instance the first chapter in Alice in Wonderland has the title Alice in Wonderland Chapter 1. Chapter 1 alone is insufficient. Someone bookmarking the site won't know what Chapter 1 belongs to.
    • Page meets checklist criteria. - Points are awarded based on the checklist criteria.
  4. Create a style sheet to improve the visual design. DO NOT COPY STYLES from the storybook exercises. For instance in the storybook styles we set the width to 70%, Percents should not be used for widths, so don't use that styling.. Do your own design! Possibilities are endless. You will be implementing more styles in the next Milestone, so don't incorporate all the styles with this Milestone.
    For coding, you will need to create a new style sheet then add the link for the style sheet to each of the pages you have created. CSS Reference
    1. (12 pts) Include styles for at least 3 elements with a combination of at least 12 attributes. Here are a few ideas for elements to style- Navigation (this includes several tags, but counts only as 1 element), headings, body or content division.
      1. Styles that do nothing or merely set the style to the default will not be counted toward the 12 attributes. (For example, setting text to black is not necessary since that is the default color.)
      2. If experimenting and a style doesn't do what you want, don't leave it in - either edit it or delete it.
    2. (1 pt) (4 pts) Styles that apply to all your pages MUST be placed in ONE external style sheet file that is linked to your template and to ALL your pages (The same style sheet should be linked to each page. Do NOT create separate style sheets for each page.
      1. If a style is used on just one page, then it may be placed in the head section of that page.
      . (Do not name your stylesheet book.css - use a name that is appropriate for your site) Style sheet must be saved within your main folder (not within the exercises folder)
    3. (15 pts) Changes must meet the checklist criteria, particularly the accessibility & usability items. None of the styles added interfere with accessibility, though at this point full accessibility does not need to be met.

NOTE: You will be adding more styles in Milestone 4, so do not feel pressured to add all the styles that you want for you site in this Milestone. Check all pages against the Website Checklist below.

Printable checklist

Website Checklist

Proper Structure

Page title specified

Proper use of HTML

Accessibility & Usability

CSS should add visual appeal, but not detract from accessibility and usability.

CSS styles should be stored in an EXTERNAL style sheet which is linked to your TEMPLATE.. Styles that are used for one page only may be internal styles defined in the head section of the page they are used, but the majority of your styles will be in the external style sheet.

Alternatives are available


Submitting your assignment

When you are finished with this milestone:

Please do not list more than 2 pages. Do not list pages previously graded.