POINTS: 28 points

SUMMARY: Define & plan your website.  Analyze other websites.

If you haven't already done so, please read the Project Overview.

This milestone is the defining and planning stages of your web site project. For this project you will determine your topic, analyze similar sites and plan your website. If you do not want to come up with your own topic, email me.

Open the file milestone1.docx from your ICS107Site folder. (This is a word processing document, if you don't have a word processing program that can open the file, log on to your UH Email account and switch to Google Drive and upload the file and edit it with Google Docs. See Instructions for Google Drive.)

There are groups of questions for defining your site, analyzing other sites and planning your site. These items are in list format. Please enter your answer in blank list item below each set of questions. You will also look at a site to determine a color scheme, and take a screen shot. A sketch of how you want your site to look can be sketched on computer using a drawing program or on paper whicha can be photographed or scanned.

Sample sketch of this page and other pages within my website. The words on the image are identifying items and are not the words on the actual page.

Be sure to save your work.

When you have finished. Upload the file to the server, then post your web address on Laulima in Milestone 1 to submit the assignment.

Start collecting content for your project now! If creating your own content - start writing now. Each page will need to have at least three or more paragraphs or have other content. There should be enough content to justify having a separate page.