For this class, each student will create a website project consisting of 6 web pages (It's OK to have more, but I will only grade 6 pages). The project is broken into several milestones, which are designed to take the student from planning through building a web site to testing and publishing online. Sites will be posted to a web server which is provided for the duration of the semester.

The skills needed for the website project are presented in the step-by-step exercises. The project has specific criteria that must be met, but there are no step-by-step directions. You must be able to apply the concepts and skills to an open format. This simulates a work environment where you need to be able to apply skills learned to new situations and where there are no step-by-step directions.

Basic Requirements


Web site project will be broken down into milestones.

In addition you will need to submit your topic before Milestone 1 and part of the content before working on Milestone 2 and the rest prior to Milestone 3.

Project Suggestions

Students are encouraged to work on a web site for business, non profit organization, or educational purpose. From past experience, I have found that it is easier for students to obtain content elsewhere rather than creating their own content. If you wish to create your own content, you should begin writing immediately or already have the content.

If re-doing an existing site. You must have some connection to the organization or otherwise have permission. Don't just find a site online and decide to re-do it. That is copyright infringement and is not permissible.

If you prefer not to come up with your own web site, the instructor will provide you with the content. You will not, however, earn the points for content submission. E-mail the instructor prior to completing Milestone 1 to ask for content.

Project Limitations