Points: 10 pts
Summary: Gather together and/or write the content for your project website.
Items Due: 1 document with text for all pages in the website, 2 image files

General information about the project can be found on the Project Overview & Milestone 1 page.

Submitting the required material will give you enough material to create your website. You can later add or change the content as needed.

If you are doing a website for another person or an organization, and do not have content yet, please submit the assignment stating what information you have. You will be able to continue on with the website, just be sure that they are providing you with content in time to do your future Milestones.

It is preferrable to have the content for all 6 pages, but you must submit content for at least half the pages including the main page now. The remaining pages may be turned in prior to working on Milestone 3. If you do not turn in that amount pages of your website by the content due date, please email the isntructor for provided content. No points are awarded for provided content, but then you won't have to collect or write your own content.

  1. Text content
    1. Type up the information to be placed on the page either in a text editor (Notepad or TextEdit) or a word processing program. Type the information into one document which clearly specifies where each new page begins. Do not submit multiple documents. Example content using Alice In Wonderland story (Word file)
    2. Each page should have a minimum of 3 paragraphs for each page you listed in Milestone 1.
      • If the page is mainly to be images or other media, one paragraph will suffice to explain the media . List what media will be placed on the page. you do not need to upload the media at this time other than the two images listed below.
      • See the lesson on Usability & Accessibility concerning writing and what should be on your main page.
  2. Images
    1. At least two images are required for your website. Create a images, snap a picture, or otherwise obtain the image. If using more than two, be sure you have obtained ALL the images you need. Due to space limitations on Laulima, only submit TWO images.

If you requested an assigned website, you do not need to upload the content. Just indicate which content you are using. An assigned website receives no points for this assignment.

Service-Learning websites will receive points for content submission as well as extensions for obtaining the content from the orgnaization.

Upload ALL the necessary files to Laulima.