Semester Wrapup

We covered a lot of information and skills this semester. The majority of the course concentrated on Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access), yet we just covered the basics. There is much more to learn - particularly in Excel and Access. Don't consider yourself an expert in those topics. You know enough to do a lot of work, but there is a lot more to learn.

How do you learn more? There are many tutorials and videos available online for free on YouTube and Vimeo, though sometimes you have to weed through a lot of videos to find what you want. They don't always cover the most efficient way to do things. Microsoft has additional videos available like ones we used for the lesson on collaboration . There are also paid sites that have training videos such as Finally just experiment and play around with the programs to learn more.

These are the main points that I hope your learned this semester.

Final Exam

The final exam is comprehensive (meaning it covers the entire semester). To study for the exam, look over All of the mini-exams. There may be several questions that are worded differently or did not appear on the mini-exams, but you should be able to answer the questions.

The test is timed. 2 hour time limit. The clock does not stop even if you pause the exam. Allow enough time to complete the exam in one sitting. Open notes, but you won't have time to look up every answer. Go through and answer the questions that you know the answer to, then go back and look up the ones you don't know.

The exam is due on Friday of exam week by 11:59pm (This means the exam must be submitted by that time, not begun.)

Late submission will be not be allowed!

Do not wait until the last day to take the exam in case there are technical difficulties, power failures, family emergencies etc. Don't procrastinate!

List of notes:

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