What's covered in this class?

Essentially use of Microsoft Office with an emphasis on business applications. along with other topics such as web searching, information literacy, ethics, hardware and software

Recommended preparation for the course


Students in the classroom section, do not need to purchase the software, it is installed in the classroom, but consider purchasing it so that you can practice at home.

Students (particularly distance learning students) are encouraged to obtain the software. Software can be purchased from the UH System Bookstores. The programs within Microsoft Office that we will be using are Excel, Access, PowePoint & Word. Students who have the Family version or the Macintosh version of Microsoft Office will not have MS Access database program included. Check now to see if your version has Access. If your version does not have Access, you will need to find somewhere where you can use this program.

There are many versions of Microsoft Office. Please see the following on whether your version can be used for this class.

Operating System Version Software Included
Word Excel PowerPoint Access
Windows Microsoft Office 365 University X X X X
Mac Microsoft Office 365 University X X X You will need to find somewhere to use Access for Windows. Access is not available for Mac OS.
If you have a Windows partition on your Mac , you may be able to use the Windows version on your Mac.
Windows Microsoft Office Professional 2016/ 2013 X X X X
Cloud based Microsoft Office 365 web apps This version has scaled down features and is not appropriate for use in this class, but if your version of Microsoft Office 365 also comes with full version of Office, then look at the version of Office above.
Windows or Mac Microsoft Office Starter This version has scaled down features and is not appropriate for use in this class.

Microsoft Office is available to all students enrolled in a class at WCC for the duration of the time you are a student. See Microsoft for students

If your version of office doesn't have Microsoft Access software, possible options for completing the database lessons include:


No text book is required. FREE online training and readings take the place of a textbook.

When and Where

For Summer Sessions 1 & 2 and Fall 2017

Distance Learning Sections

Students who succeed in distance learning classes, set aside time each and every week to work on the course. These student, email questions to the instructor, do the lessons before completing the assignments and do not wait until the due date to work on lessons and assignments. Also check UH email frequently (at least several times a week.)

It is easy to get behind in a distance learning class, if you skip a week. Then it can become overwhelming to get caught up. This course is divided into units. If you miss an entire unit, go on to the next unit and make up the missed unit when you have time.

If Lalima is down or slow the lessons, exercises and website project instructions can be accessed directly from my website I recommend bookmarking this page:
http://vanessa.wcc.hawaii.edu/ then click on the link for your section.

Classroom Section

Regular attendance for the entire class period is strongly encouraged. Regular class attendance and asking questions during class or emailing between classes will help you to be able to pass the exams and successfully complete the assignments and succeed in the class.


The instructor of this course LOVES questions. She never thinks that any question is stupid. She thinks that students who ask questions are SMART. Students who ask questions - SUCCEED. So if you think that if you ask questions the teacher will think you are dumb or be upset with your questions, forget those worries. Teachers learn how to improve their courses by students asking questions. So...