• Do research to find information about an areas of computing that you use in some area of your life such as home, work or other interest.
  • Report should be on a specific topic which MUST be related to computing (Computing encompasses using any computing device from smart phones to desktop computers to any computer you may use at work and any software program or online service.)
  • Emphasis of this report is your personal involvement and interest in computing and your ability to do research. This is not a standard academic report. This is to show how computing is used in life outside the classroom and that research isn't just for school, but can be done to benefit you.

Create a Word outline, and from that a PowerPoint report to share with the class.

Do you understand the criteria from the salesclub database about finding between 3 & 6? IPOINTS:

60 points for report
15 points toward discussion scores

  • Creating an Outline in Word.
  • Creating a PowerPoint presentation with transitions, slide designs, and animation.



Topics MUST BE related to computing with an emphasis on your involvement in computing. The following list is NOT a list of choices, come up with your own topic! These are just to show you what type of reports are acceptable and what type are not.

Unacceptable Topics Awesome Topics
  • Basket weaving (no mention of computing)
  • How Hard Disks Work
  • Tim Bernes Lee Invented the Web
  • How to create charts in Excel
  • History of video games
  • How I use computers to design baskets
  • How I built my own computer
  • How I use my computer for surfing (waves not web)
  • How I use Excel as a Realtor
  • PC Gaming is My Life

To come up with a topic, think how you use computing, almost EVERYONE uses computing in some way. If you have a smart phone and use it for more than making phone calls, then you use computing. If you use computing in some unique way, then pick that as your topic. (Examples of unique topics - Breakdancing & computing,


Information Literacy requirements (45 pts)

Research is REQUIRED! Even if you are very familiar with computing in the area you choose, research is a necessary component of this assignment. Some areas that you might consider researching

  1. (6 pts) Research should includes recent works including current references. All references must be evaluated according the the lesson on evaluating web sites.
    1. At least 3 valid references should be included
      1. At least 1 website must be used - citation must include web address..
      2. At least 1 article from a current periodical or journal found in Ebsco - you will need to login with your UH login. Once in Ebsco, click on CHOOSE DATABASE, and select appropriate sources. (MasterFile Complete, Computing, Business are all good sources)
      3. (This is a link. You are looking at printout of this assignment, go back to the webpage and click on the link!)- should be less than 2 years old. Citation should NOT include the Ebsco web address - it should be cited witht he name of the publication and other required information.
        1. If you can't log in at that Ebsco site & if you have a State of Hawaii library card, you may try the libray Ebsco connection. Use your state library card number and password to log in.
          (This is a link. You are looking at printout of this assignment, go back to the webpage and click on the link!)
      4. Third reference can be one of the following: a website, an article, an expert interview, a book or other publication. (Note: interviews must be with an authority in the area, not a friend or relative of yours who also uses computing in the same way.)
    2. Research will be evaluated on
      1. Evaluation of sources - valid sources are used
      2. Enough research was completed to substantiate the information in your report - at least the 3 references listed above, but you may need to do more.
      3. Information is used ethically - citations are used and no items are plagiarized. Copying and pasting even a phrase is plagiarism - write in your own words!.
  2. Organize the information into an outline using Outline View in Microsoft Word. (We will only be creating an outline in Word- do not write up a report) Word outlines are covered in the presentations lesson.
    On View tab, choose outline
    1. At least 8 informational main points with information with 3 -10 bullets using your own words. Be sure to include citations! Use APA 6th edition for the style of citation.
      1. (3 pts) The first information point should summarizeYOUR interest and use of computing as related to this topic.
      2. (24 pts) at least 8 additional points
        1. Information should be accurate, well organized, and comprehensible.
        2. Information should be presented as bulleted items (not paragraphs).
        3. You do not need to have any quotes in your presentation, but if you do use quotes use no more than 2 for the entire outline. Anything copied and pasted from the web is a quote including phrases, sentences, and informational images
          • If quoting, indicate that it is a quote be sure to cite the reference and include it in the bibliography
          • Quotes count only as 1 bulleted item. You must add in additional information in your own words.
          • Images, charts taken from other sources to explain your topic count as quotes. Any images used should have the source listed immediately under the image. Be sure not to infringe on copyright. Copying images and not showing a citation on the page, will be considered plagiarism.
      • (9 pts) Proper citations should be placed inline next to the information from the source - using Word's citation tool with the proper type of citation. ALL items have an author. If an individual author is not listed it is a corporate or organization author. A date is also required. Look for a copyright date if no other date is listed.
        • Website citation must include web addess
        • Artical in a periodical or journal found in Ebsco. The type of citation is NOT a website and(This is a link. You are looking at printout of this assignment, go back to the webpage and click on the link!) should NOT include the Ebsco web address
          (This is a link. You are looking at printout of this assignment, go back to the webpage and click on the link!)
        • Follow the proper citation type for the 3rd reference.
        • Citations should be placed AFTER the information from that source.
    2. (3 pts) At the bottom of your outline create a automatic Bibliography using Word's bibliography tool.

Technical requirements (15 pts)

  1. Microsoft PowerPoint will be used to create a presentation from the outline create The following is the grading criteria:
    1. (2 pts.) The first slide will have the title of your report (what your report is about) and your first and last name.
    2. (2 pts) Slide design is applied. (Default design does not count)
    3. (2 pts) One transition is used and that transition is applied to all slides. Use a QUICK transition - should take no longer than 2 seconds to transition to the next slide!
    4. (2 pts) Apply an animation to the title slide only.
    5. (2 pts) Import your Word outline as shown in the screen shot below
      Click on the new slide drop down menu, select "Slides from outline
      In the dialog box that pops up, navigate to and select your Word outline.
      Note: If your outline doesn't import properly. Here are some things to check.
      1. First, be sure your outline was created in Outline view. Do not create an outline by formatting as a list. Go to view and select OUTLINE.
      2. Next check to see that your main points are Level 1 and your items below your main point are demoted to Level 2 (or higher if there are sub-items).
      3. Mac users: if you recieve an error that it can not open that type of file, you will have to use an alternative method of saving the Word file as an RTF.From the menu, go to File-Save As, then choose the file type RTF. You will then be able to import the outline, but it may drop the Bibliography information. Copy and paste that information onto the Bibliography slide.
    6. (2 pts) The bibliography section may create a slide for each reference. To place all of the references on one slide, follow these instructions:
      1. In the side panel, select Outline (Powerpoint 2013 - go to View ribbon and select Outline) then scroll down to your bibliography slide and select your citations.
      2. Press the Tab key on your keyboard or click on the indent icon on the ribbon. The items should be indented making them a part of the bibliography slide
    7. (3 pts) Look over to be sure the presentation has at least 10 slides (1 title slide, 1 bibliography slide, at least 8 informational slides with the first summarizing your interest.) Any slides that have only images and no additional information or have an outline of what will be covered or a summary of what was covered do not count toward the 8 informational slides.
      1. Powerpoint file should be no more than 2MB in size to allow faster downloads for your fellow students. To keep the file size small
        1. No sounds should be added to the file
        2. Minimal use of added images.
          1. Add only images that convey information.
          2. Size images before placing in Powerpoint particularly photos.

Posting your assignment

The Word outline will be submitted in Assignments, tasks & surveys, and the Powerpoint will be posted in Clog. Your assignment will only be considered submitted when your PowerPoint in viewable in Clog.

  1. Submit your Word wutline in Laulima's Assignments, tests & surveys. The outline should be submitted as a Word document (.docx) and not as an Rich-text format(.rtf) file.
  2. Upload your Powerpoint file to Resources in the folder ComputingTopicReportPresentations.
    Click on Resources on the left hand menu. Click the down arrow on the drop down menu next to the folder name then choose Upload files
    Navigate to your POWERPOINT file and upload it.
  3. Once uploaded, you will need to get the web address for your files:
    Click the down arrow on the drop down menu next to the file name then choose Edit Details\
    Look down the page to find the File Details area and copy the web address.
    On the detail screen, click on Select URL for copying.
    From the keyboard click CTRL-C (CMD-C for Macs)
  4. Go to Clog and click on Create new post

    1. In the dialog box, enter a title for your report and create a link.

Discussions (15 pts toward your discussions score)

  1. The week after reports are posted. All students should view all the presentations and make comments concerning the topic to at least 5 presentations. See Discussion requirements