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Jul 3- 8
  • Mini Exam 1 - Operating Systems, File Management, Applications Ethics
Jul 10 - 15
Jul 17-22

Mac users and some Windows users will need to find somewhere to use Access for Windows

Jul 24-29
Jul 31-Aug 5

Start working on your Computing Topic Report

  • Post Computing Topic Report presentation to Clog in Laulima by Saturday, Aug 5, 11:59 pm
    Late reports are severely penalized and not accepted after Aug 7
Aug 7-11

Holiday Makeup

Last Day to turn in work THURSDAY, Aug 10,
11:59 PM

  • Final Exam - 2 hour timed
  • Once you start you must continue - clock does not stop if you pause test.
    • Officially due Aug 11 at 11:59 PM - official end of course. But Ok to turn in by Saturday, Aug 12 at 11:59PM
Calendar is subject to change