15 points

SUMMARY:Work with files, email an attachment.


  • Email: Read & reply to email, save & send attachments.
  • File Management: Work with compressed folders (zipped files). Create folders. Copy, move, rename, delete file & folders. Know the difference between MOVE & COPY!

Do the lessons before the assignment. Please email the instructor if you do not understand any of the instructions or are uncertain how to proceed with any steps.

Setup Files

  1. Check your UH email. You should have received an email from me with the subject ICS101 Assignment files which has an attachment. Save the attachment to your computer- Do NOT open it from the web. Do NOT save to Google Drive! If you are working on campus, save the file to a thumb drive.
  2. Important: Extract the files from the compressed file. If you try to work in the compressed file, you WILL encounter problems. You MUST extract the files from the compressed folder.
    • Windows: Open the saved copy of the compressed folder, then drag the folder, ICS101-Assignments from the compressed folder to another location such as your Desktop or other folder where you would like to keep the files for this course.
    • Mac: Click on the saved copy of compressed folder. The extracted file can then be dragged to wherever you want to keep files for this course.
    • These files will be used for the rest of the semester.
  3. Delete the compressed file after your have extracted the files (This will avoid confusion in the future).
  4. Open the folder ICS101Assignments then follow the assignment steps below.

Assignment Steps

File Management

  1. Perform the following file management tasks
    1. (2 pt) Create 4 folders within ICS101Assignments called
      • Word Processing
      • Spreadsheets
      • Database
      • Vacation
    2. (2.5 pt) Rename the following files
      1. EvaluatingResources-.docx to EvaluatingResources-yourname.docx (where yourname is your first name)
      2. webpage-.html to webpage-yourname. html (where yourname is your first name)
      3. IncomeExpenses-.xlsx to IncomeExpenses-yourname.xlsx (where yourname is your first name)
      4. LoanAnalysis-.xlsx to LoanAnalysis-yourname.xlsx (where yourname is your first name)
      5. CrazyComputer-.accdb to CrazyComputer-yourname.accdb (where yourname is your first name)
    3. (4 pt) Move files to achieve the following file structure (The files don't have to be in any particular order, just in the correct folders. Any files not listed below should remain in the main ICS101Assignment folder.)
      • Database
        • CrazyComputer-yourname.accdb
        • Friends.accdb
        • SalesClub.accdb
        • Morecustomers.xls
        • address.xlsx
        • family.xlsx
      • Spreadsheet
        • IncomeExpenses-yourname.xlsx
        • LoanAnalysis-yourname.xlsx
        • Grades.xlsx
        • Longsheets.xlsx
        • Practice-formulas.xlsx
        • SavingsBudget.xlsx
        • ExcelBasics-more.xlsx
      • Vacation
        • vacation06.jpg
        • vacation07.jpg
        • vacation09.jpg
      • Word Processing
        • EvaluatingResources-yourname.docx
        • BankReport.docx
        • WP-Report.docx
        • Model-T.jpg
    4. (.5 pt) Copy the file CCC-Logo.gif into the Spreadsheets folder.
    5. (1.5 pt) Look at the pictures in the Vacation folder and rename them to specify what is in the picture.
    6. (.5 pt) Delete the file named del-key.gif. Do not delete any other files. (Additional points will be taken off of the assignment if any of the other files are missing from your folder.)

Emailing an attachment

  1. Create a compressed folder and email it as an attachment by following these steps.
    1. (.5 pt) Move up a level in your file listings so that you can see the folder ICS101Assignments.
      1. Right click on the folder.
      2. On Windows select Send to - Compressed Folder. On Mac it's Compress ICS101Assignments.
    2. (.5 pt) Rename the compressed folder FileManage-YourName.zip (use your first name).
    3. Email the instructor by replying to the email in which you received the files.
      1. (1 pt) Email is sent as a reply (do not change the subject) Attach the compressed file, FileManage-YourName.zip. Do NOT upload the attachment to Google Drive to send a link. Attach the file from the computer on which you are working. PLEASE USE ONLY YOUR UH EMAIL to send this assignment.
      2. In the email write a short message with
        1. (.5) 2-3 sentences about file management.
        2. (.5) If you learned something new include that. If this was all review for you, indicate that as well.
        3. (1 pt) Also include the code phrase from the lesson. (You need to do the lesson even if you think you know everything.) Do not email me to ask me where the code is. Go through each and every slide of the file management lesson and you will find it. It is clearly indicated as a code phrase.
  2. After emailing, to avoid confusion delete the compressed file FileManage-YourName.zip, but please keep the ICS101Assignments folder. You will need the files in this folder for future assignments.
  3. Your score & comments will be available in Laulima in the Assignments, tests & Surveys section.
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