Assignment is subject to corrections and changes! If printing this assignment, please be sure to check the online version for changes and to access any links

POINTS: 35 points

SUMMARY: Use word processing and web search skills to format a research paper.


  • Word Changing Appearance: Apply and modify styles including Normal style. Convert text to tables. Apply table styles. Insert headers and footers & cover page. Apply bullets, font changes.
  • Referencing: Insert citations and bibliography. Insert table of contents.
  • Web searching: Copy and use paste special to copy information. Search for information. Create links.

If you have completed the lessons and training and still are not sure how to do a particular step or the instructions are unclear, email the instructor for help.

NOTE: The learning exercises must be completed and submitted BEFORE this assignment. If software assignment is turned in without the learning exercises being completed, the learning excises will be give a score of 0. Even if you think you know how to do things, you might not know the most efficient method. Do the learning exercises and learn!

Open the file EvaluatingResources-yourname (where yourname is your first name). Note: This is one of the files from File management assignment. This file must be used. DO NOT COPY THE CONTENTS INTO A NEW FILE. DO NOT USE SAVE AS.

  1. Formatting & Styles. (Be sure to you know the difference between using regular formatting and working with styles.)
    1. (0.5 pt) Format the title "Evaluating Web Resources" - centered with font set to Arial or Helvetica, 24 points and dark shade of a color of your choice (any color except black)
    2. (2 pt) Apply the Heading 1 style to the following headings:
      • Why Evaluate?
      • Evaluating Sources
    3. (2 pt) Modify the style for Heading 1 to Font: Arial or Helvetica, 18 points, not bold and the same color as used in step 1a above.
    4. (2 pt) Modify the style for Heading 2 to Font:Arial or Helvetica, 14 points, not bold, and any medium shade of the color used in the previous step
    5. (3 pt) Modify the style for Normal to Font: Times Roman- 12 pt. Paragraph: line spacing: double space and an indentation - first line by .5 inches, spacing before and after: 0 pt
  2. Working with tables
    1. (1 pt) Scroll down to find the list of domains and descriptions. Select the text and covert from text to table indicating that the text is separated by a tab.
    2. (2 pt) Apply a table style that matches the color from your headings. Change the width of the columns so that the column is only slightly wider than the longest text in that column. Then center the table (Not the contents of the table, center the whole table)
  3. Headers, footers, cover pages
    1. (1 pt) Create a header with your last name - page number right aligned on the header (substitute your own name and use the insert page number feature. (Example for the first page of my document: Cole - 1)
      Remember the difference between header and heading?
    2. (0.5 pt) Create a footer with the date left aligned on the footer. Use the Insert Date & Time icon to insert the current date in the format of 2/12/2013.
    3. (1.5 pt) At the top of the document, insert a cover page using the information listed below
      1. For the document title enter Evaluating Web Resources (If you copy and paste, please use paste special and select unformatted text.)
      2. For the author, enter your name.
      3. Delete all other items on the cover page.
  4. Working with References
    1. (1 pt) Go to Berkeley Library Resources and copy the definitions of primary & secondary - the first two paragraphs under the heading Definitions
      Switch back to the Word Processing document and use paste special (unformatted text) to paste the information after the first sentence in the section on Primary & secondary resources that section. (Keep the web page open for the next step)
    2. (4 pt) Properly cite the above web site - Create a citation after the quote using the insert citation icon. Be sure to include all proper citation for the web site.
    3. (1 pt) At the end of the document insert a Bibliography for works cited (Do not delete any of the other citations that are already in the document.)
    4. (1 pt) After the cover page, insert an automatic table of contents
    5. (1 pt) Insert a page break after the table of contents.
    6. Save the file and leave it open.
  5. (3 pt) Use Google or another search engine to find pages concerning Evaluating websites. We want sites that have to do with how to evaluate websites for valid information.
    1. Browse through some of the results.
    2. Find 3 sites that provide valid information on this topic. Evaluate this information according to the criteria from the lesson to determine if they are preferred sources of information. Add these sites to your favorites/bookmarks. Avoid sites that just list links to other site or that are selling products or services.
  6. (1 pt) Switch back to the word processing document. Go to the end of the document before the works cited bibliography you created earlier, type in Resources and apply Heading 2 Style.
  7. (3 pt) Switching back and forth from your web browser to the word processing document, create links to the 3 sites. Do not just paste the links, type in the name of the site then create a hyperlink on those words.
  8. (0.5 pt) Format the 3 links as a bulleted list
  9. (2 pt) At the bottom of the page before the Works Cited page, type in the code phrase from the word processing lesson.
  10. (1 pt) Update the table of contents (entire table not just the page numbers). Right click on table and use the Update Field option.
  11. Save the file and close Word

Your document should look similar to this (Your cover page, colors and table styles will look different depending upon which ones you choose.)

Submit the file on Laulima in the Assignments, tests & surveys section.

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