Discussions (15 pts toward your discussions score)

  1. After reports are posted. All students should view all the presentations and make comments in Clog to at least 5 presentations NOTE: 5 pts will be lost if ALL of the reports are not read.
    1. To read other students' reports. Click to open the file (Note: If using Firefox, you might not be able to open from the browser if there is a space in the file name. Right click on the file, then select Save File As, when save dialog box opens, be sure to type .pptx at the end of the file name.)
    2. After viewing the report, if you want to respond to that report, in the upper left corner click the Add Comment icon
    3. You may ask questions regarding the topic, but you must also comment on the report. Comments should be regarding the content and not regarding the presentation design.
      1. Response must be at least 3-5 sentences related to the content.
      2. Your reply must be substantial enough to show that it is apparent that you actually looked at the report.
        • Bad Example: Your report on computer basket weaving was great. enjoyed it. It was a good topic. I learned a lot.
        • Good Example: I didn't know that computer programs existed to help you design basket weaving patterns. The screen shots of programs helped me understand how helpful the programs are. I love basket weaving and I'm excited to learn about these programs.
        • Bad Example: The images are great. I like the colors of the design. Good job!
        • Good Example: Wow, I didn't know that editing photos was so easy. I haven't edited photos previously, but with you step-by-step screen shots using Pixlr, I think I'm going to try it. I also liked the explanation of uploading photos to Pintrest..
      • Avoid criticizing reports that you feel were not completed correctly. That is not your responsibility. Only the instructor can determine if an assignment was completed correctly.
      • Email the instructor if you cannot open another student's report or have other problems with the assignment.