About BUS 122

This course is an introduction to entrepreneurship. We will be focusing on a creating a business plan for a small scale business (existing, planned, or hypothetical). This course is being offered as Writing Intensive (WI). You can expect to do a lot of writing for the class.

When and Where

Prerequisite for this course

Other skills recommended by instructor

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Distance Learning Section

Students who succeed in distance learning classes, set aside time each and every week to work on the course. The lessons alone will require on average 2.5 hours per week. This is NOT homework, but normal class work - the time you would spend in a classroom.. Additional time will be needed each week to work on the wrtiting assignments.

Successful students do the lessons before completing the assignments, email questions to the instructor, and do not wait until the due date to work on lessons and assignments. Also check UH email frequently (at least several times a week.)

It is easy to get behind in a distance learning class, if you skip a week. It can become overwhelming to get caught up. Don't be tempted to start skipping weeks.

If Laulima is down or slow the lessons, exercises and website project instructions can be accessed directly from the BUS122 calendar on my website.


The instructor of this course LOVES questions. She never thinks that any question is stupid. She thinks that students who ask questions are SMART. Students who ask questions - SUCCEED. So if you think that if you ask questions that the teacher will think you are dumb or be upset with your questions, forget those worries. Asking questions not only helps you to succeed in class, you also help teachers learn how to improve their courses by students asking questions. So...