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Problem Solving

A systematic approach can help solve problems

  1. Define the problem
    1. Make sure you understand what the problem really is.
  2. Identify the objectives or goals
    1. Define what needs to be accomplished to solve the problem and why the problem needs solved
  3. Define steps needed
    1. What steps need to be taken to reach goal
  4. Investigate alternatives
    1. What are the different methods of accomplishing the goal - brain storm!
  5. Determine best method
    1. Analyze which method is easiest, takes least amount of time, is most cost effective - weigh these factors according to your needs and preferences
  6. Formulate a model for accomplishing your goal
    1. Create a scaled down working model
  7. Test the model
    1. Does the model give you the desired results
  8. If doesn't give desired results make any changes and re-test
    If it does give the desired result - implement.
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