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Word Processing Hands-on Training

Follow the steps to the exercise to lean efficient use of Word. These skills will help in formatting your essay and the final business plan.

Download the file, BusinessExcerpts.docx

Open the file in Microsoft Word 2016.

  1. Whenever you want to format an entire document. Use Styles. Don't use the other formatting tools.

    1. Right clickon Normal style (or CTRL-Click if you have a Mac without a right-click) and choose Modify
    2. Under Formatting choose Times New Roman and 12, then click on Format and choose Paragraph.
    3. Under Indentation - Special, choose First line. Under Spacing set After to 0 and Line Spacing to Double
    4. Click Ok to close the paragraph formatting and Click OK again to close the dialog box. The styles are applied to the entire document.
    5. SAVE!
  2. Throughout the document we also have headings and using styles to format them is very helpful. Not only does it keep the headings consistent, but the headings can be used for an automatic table of contents We will apply heading styles to some of the headings
    1. Click in the heading. Excerpts from Writings on Business, then click on Heading 1 style
    2. Click in the heading, Introduction, then click on Heading 2 style
    3. Click in the heading, Excerpt from The Art of Money Getting, then click on Heading 2 style
    4. Click in the heading, Don't Mistake Your Vocation, then click on Heading 3 style
    5. Click in the heading, Select The Right Location, then click on Heading 3 style
    6. The rest of the headings in the document already have the appropriate headings applied.
    7. SAVE!
  3. The heading style can also be modified. Right-click on Heading 1 and choose Modify.
    1. Change the color to green

      All the headings in this document are tied together, so the color will change for all the headings, other documents may require changing the color for individual headings.
    2. SAVE!
  4. Mistyping, spelling and grammar errors can be corrected. Some corrections are made automatically as you type. Other errors are indicated with red or blue lines. Right-clicking will bring up suggestions for change. In the second paragraph, right-click on the word with a red squiggly line under it. Choose the suggestion people. Then right-click on the word a with a blue line under it. Choose the suggetion an
  5. Word doesn't catch spelling errors when the error spells another word. In the first paragraph, find the word reed and change it to read

    Also the sentence is also starting off with a phrase, so there should be a comma after the phrase, so type a comma after read,
  6. Sometimes we want to make editing changes to make our language a little more dynamic. The first two sentences of this paragraph are in a passive voice and are bland. Avoid starting sentences with There are, There is, There were, etc. That is very passive and uninteresting. It also makes what you are talking about the object instead of the subject on the sentence. Let's combine the two sentence together and make it more dynamic sounding:

    An interesting examination and of businesses of the past reveals different ways of looking at business.

  7. Save!
  8. Let's insert some citations for the book excerpts. Click at the end of the first excerpt on page 8
    Then on the References tab click Insert Citation, then Add New Source.
  9. Fill in the information for a book citation. Be sure to choose Book for the Type of Source. Enter the information as shown below:
    Author is P.T.Barnum, Title is The art of Money Getting , year is 1880, city-Philadelphia, publisher: Bell & company
    Click OK. The inline citation will just display the author & date. The other information will go into a bibliography.
  10. Go to the very end of the document. Click after the last word. and insert a new citation.
  11. Fill in the information for a book citation. Be sure to choose Book for the Type of Source. Enter the information as shown below:
    Author is Henry Ford, title: My Life & Work, year 1922, City Garden City, NY, publisher: Garden City Publishing, Co. Inc.
  12. After the citation, Press enter to go to the next line and insert a bibliography. From the References tab, choose Biliography, then Bibliography again.

    The infromation from the citations will be placed into the biliography.
  13. Save!
  14. Go to the top of the document and insert a table of contents. From the References tab, click on Table of contents, then Automatic Table 1
  15. Insert a section break after the table of content. From the Layout tab, click on Breaks, then Next Page
  16. Click at the bottom of the first page of text in the margin area. (Not on the Table of Contents page, but the next page) This will bring up the Header&Footer tab. Insert a page number at the current position and choose plain number
  17. Then format the page number. Click on Page number then Format Page Number. In the dialog box that opens change the Page numbering to start at 1. This will make the page numbering start after the table of contents.
  18. Save and close your document.
  19. Submit the completed document in Laulima.

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