NOTICE: No late business plans will be accepted.

You MUST use Microsoft Word for the final business plan. If you don't have it, as a student at WCC you can install it for free. It is also available in the WCC library and is also available at other campuses. Google Docs does not have all the features needed to complete the final business plan.

Grading Criteria (175 pts)

  1. Final business plan incorporates corrected and rewritten essays
    1. (60 pts) All pertinent information included (see information required for each of the essays)
    2. (10 pts) All spelling, grammar and punctuation errors have been corrected. The only red squiggly lines under words or phrases should be proper names, Hawaiian or other language words.
    3. (70 pts) Each of the five essays has been rewritten and significant progress and improvements are apparent.
      1. I will be using a computerized document check will be made to compare the original essays to the final business plan.
  2. (20 pts) Research has been completed and references are properly cited using Word's Insert Citation Tool and a bibliography or works cited is included at the end of the document using the appropriate tools in Word.
  3. (10 pts) Document is properly assembled and formatted as specified in the steps below.
  4. (5 pts) A copy of the document is created and reformatted as Business document and saved as a PDF file (see instructions below)
  5. The final word count must be a minimum of 4,000 words (required to earn WI) and not be more than 5,000 words (clear and concise writing.) Check the word count in the lower left corner of Word. Failure to meet these requirements may result in having your course grade lowered to a D.

Steps to Format and Assemble Final Business Plan

  1. Open Microsoft Word 2016 (earlier versions okay) and start a new file.
  2. Modify the Normal style for this document. (On the style name, Right-click or on Mac if don't have right-click use Control-click.)
    Right-click or Ctrl-Click on Normal Style then choose modify
    1. Set the font to Times New Roman or Times, 12 pt
      Set Font to Times new roman 12, then click format and paragraph
    2. Access the paragraph formatting and set
      1. First line indent
      2. Double spacing
      3. No spacing before or after
        Under Indentation special choose first line, under spacing change before & after to 0pt and line spacing to double
    3. Click OK on each dialog box.
  3. Modify the heading 1 to a font of your choice and the color of your choice. If you have a company logo or color scheme, match the headings to that. Also set heading 1 so that it has a page break before the heading. In the modify dialog box, click on Format then paragraph. In the Paragraph dialog box choose the tab Line and Page breaks and check off Page break before.
    page break before
    Click OK
    1. If you have other heading levels modify them to match, but headings should be of different sizes or other formatting to differentiate them. The subsequent headings should NOT have the page break before.
  4. Save the document with the name BusinessPlan-YourName (where YourName is your first & last name)
  5. Don't worry about a cover page, headers, footers or other elements yet.

Decide on order

The essays should NOT be in the order that they are written. They can be ordered in a way that you feel is appropriate, but the executive summary should be first. If you don't have preferences, the following is one possible order.

  1. Executive summary
  2. Company information - description, mission statement, values, etc
  3. Product and/or services
  4. Marketing information
  5. Organization & Management
  6. Finances

Combine the essays

  1. Open the document that contains your executive summary. Delete any of the following that may be in that document
    1. Cover pages
    2. Page headers or footers
    3. Your name, course number or any other information that you may have added to the top of the document.
  2. Copy your executive summary. If your executive summary is at the top of Essay 5 or in a separate document, you can select the entire contents of the document (CTRL-A in Windows or CMD-A on Macs). If it is at the bottom of Essay 5, just copy the Executive summary part.
  3. Switch back your your business plan, and USE Paste -Merge Formatting
    Merge formatting icon
  4. Go to the end of the document.
  5. Open the next essay that you want to add and repeat these steps for each subsequent essay.
  6. Insert any appendix. Insert the appendix items in the same order as the essays that are related to. Appendixes should be labeled as Appendix and should be lettered sequentially starting with A. You can either indicate the appendix as part of the heading on the page or insert a blank page before the item, For instance if the second appendix contains the resumes of the key people in the company, insert a new page before the resumes with the words Appendix B: Resumes on the page. When pasting appendix such as resumes or brochures where you want to preserve the formatting of the appendix, use Paste Options Keep Source Formatting
  7. Save!

Check Document

  1. Look over you essays to see that they are in the correct order and that all the headings are properly formatted. Each new topic should be starting on a new page (this is done automatically from the heading 1 style). If you have a heading 1 where it shouldn't be, change the style to heading 2.
  2. If you had pressed tab at the beginning of every paragraph in your essays, the paragraphs may look like they have 2 tabs with the automatic tab in the Normal style. To quickly get rid of the extra tabs, use Replace to find all paragraph endings that have a tab after. To do that enter, Find ^p^t and replace with ^p. Click Replace All
  3. You may need to fix any tables or other items where the formatting might need adjusting.
  4. Save!
Finishing Touches
  1. Insert a cover page with the name of your company and under the name enter the words Business Plan. (Do NOT put the name of the course, the teacher's name or any other items that you might add normally put on a school paper.) You can use one of the cover pages that comes with Word or create your own. The cover page should match your company.
  2. Save!
  3. Insert a bibliography, Go to the very end of your document, and use the Bibliography tool to insert any citations that you used throughout your document. (This will only work if you used the Insert Citation tool to create your citations. (If you didn't use this tool, redo your citations using it.)
  4. Save!
  5. Right after the cover page, insert a table of contents. Click at the top of the executive summary. From the References tab, click on the table of contents icon and choose Automatic Table 1.
  6. Save!
  7. Insert a section break (next page) after the table of contents.
    On the layout tab, choose breaks, then under section breaks choose Next Page
  8. Scroll down to the first page of the Executive summary. Insert a footer. From the Insert Tab
    Choose Footer then Edit Footer
  9. In the footer section, type in the company name on the left side. Press the TAB key twice and insert the page number and from the Header tools insert the page number.
    Click on Page Number, then current postion, then plain number
  10. If the page number shows as page 2 on the first page of text, click on the Page number icon then choose Format Page Number, Under page number, choose Start at and enter 1.
  11. You will need to update the table of contents to reflect the page numbers. Right click on the table of contents, and choose update field.
  12. Save!

Business like Formatting (5 pts)

This document has been meant as a school paper with double spacing, etc. And you will be turning in that document. But you also want to have a business plan that you can use for you business and share with whatever entities need to see your business plan. So we will be saving an additional copy and making some formatting changes

Use File- Save As to save your plan with the name of your company followed the words Business Plan.

  1. Modify the Normal style for this document. (Right-click or on Mac Control-Click on the style)
    Right-click or Ctrl-Click on Normal Style then choose modify
  2. Change the paragraph formatting from double spacing to At least: 15 pt (This makes a little space between lines for easier reading, but not so much as the double spacing which makes your plan look like a school paper.)
  3. You may also choose to change the font to something that suites your business better. Just avoid decorative or script as they are more difficult to read.
  4. Save.
  5. It would be good to have a copy of your file that you can share through email or other digital methods, but as a PDF and not a Word document. Save your file as a PDF with a file name of CompanyName-BusinessPlan (where CompanyName is the name of your business.)

Submitting the assignment

In Laulima submit your Word document BusinessPlan-YourName and your PDF file CompanyName-BusinessPlan.