Points: 8 pts ( 4 pts for each review)
Summary: Review fellow students' essays

Saving the file

You will be emailed 2 essays. Save the essay and rename the file to add your first name and last initial to the file. For instance, if I were reviewing Malia k's essay 1, the file name would be

If someone doesn't send their essay to you, then you will receive full points for that review and they will lose points for not sending the essay.

Reviewing the file

Read over the essays sent to you from your fellow students. Use Word's comment capability to make comments on the essay. Comments can be concerning organization of the essay, how well you think the essay covered the topic, and how clear and understandable the essay is. Comments should be business like. You can include compliments as well as suggestions for improvements. Offer suggestions with out being overly critical.

Not sure how to use Word's Comments? Watch this video: