Revise your essays

Look over each of your 5 essays. Remove any unnecessary parts to your essays - table of contents, cover pages, your name, course identification, essay number, etc. The top of each essay should have a heading 1 that defines the essay. (For example, depending upon the type of business, the heading on the first essay might say Products or perhaps Services or it could say Products and Services, but it should NOT say Essay One

Look at the recommendations from your instructor and any peer reviews you received. Incorporate the suggestions that you feel are appropriate. Improve the writing and add any additional content. You may need to move parts of some essays to other essays.

Look at each of the essays and see the word count.. In Microsoft Word, look at the bottom left corner of Word and it will display your word count for your essay.
Left corner of word displays pages and number of words
Add up the word count for each of the 5 essays to get your total word count. You should have close to 4,000 words or more. If not, write more content

Don't have enough content? DO RESEARCH! All business plans should have some research completed.

Be sure to CITE YOUR REFERENCES. I don't know that you did any research if you don't cite your references.